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Sales tax is a complicated matter—state rules vary from state to state and some actions that comply with laws of one state may violate the laws of another. Whether you are expanding into a new location or offering new products or services, there may be sales and use tax implications. Thomas, Thomas and Thomas work with you to answer all of your state and local tax questions.

Common sales and use tax concern include the correct manner in which to handle the state sales/use tax ramifications of

(1) material transactions

(2) new or expanded product and service offerings

(3) entering new states, and

(4) areas of historical noncompliance.

We can help answer your sales and use tax questions

Thomas Thomas Thomas, Mary Thomas and Stephanie Thomas

Mary Thomas, CPA-Attorney

A certified public accountant and attorney, my experiences in both the accounting and legal fields bring added value to clients.

I joined Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC in 1999 after working as a compliance auditor at an internationally known health institution, monitoring a portfolio at a US-based bank, and serving as an auditor at a Big Four accounting firm, along with interning at several law firms.

My specialty lies in breaking down complex problems to offer simple yet effective solutions that empower our clients and increase their understanding of sales & use tax and how it impacts their business.

I pride myself on working with people to ensure sales & use tax requirements are defined, understood and adhered to, so people can address sales and use tax issues with confidence.

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