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Sales & Use Tax Specialists

With over 40 years collective experience as certified public accountants, Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, PC is dedicated to helping you understand sales & use tax and how it applies to your business.

We have assisted various types of businesses from small startups to large, publicly traded companies address their sales and use tax compliance issues.  Our goal is to make compliance simple and easy to understand.

Our services include:

  • Audit Representation and Liaison
  • Nexus Studies
  • Nexus Consultations
  • Sales & Use Tax Review
  • Taxation Research
  • Sales & Use Tax Education

Our Vision and Mission

What we do & how you can work with us

Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, PC is a CPA firm whose focus is state tax compliance. State taxation is a dynamic area because tax policies, rules and laws change.

We service clients in multiple jurisdictions and industries as they address issues associated with: sales & use tax audits, retrieval of sales tax overpayments, state and local tax compliance systems, taxability research, and the update of existing state tax compliance procedures.

Client profiles:

Our clients come from a large range of business sizes and industries including construction, oil and gas services, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, etc.

Our most popular services include: sales & use tax audit representation, nexus studies, sales & use tax research and sales & use tax education seminars and workshops. We assist people who are participating state tax audits, starting a new business, expanding product and/or service offerings, and expanding their service region.

Nexus Studies

Expanding into new jurisdictions can trigger additional reporting requirements. Understand your nexus obligations before expanding.

You may establish nexus in a new jurisdiction if you hire employees, salespeople, or independent contractors in different states, reach certain activity levels.  You need to understand your registration obligations.

Our Nexus Studies Determine:

  • Jurisdictions in which you may need to register to collect sales or use tax
  • Events that trigger the registration requirement
  • Registration deadlines
  • Prospective compliance guidance

Audit Representation

Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, PC is a resource during the sales & use tax audit process.

We will handle your state tax compliance audit in a manner that minimizes stress, decreases expenses, and generates goodwill with state taxing authorities.

Our Audit Representation service includes:

  • Interacting with the auditor during the audit process
  • Addressing audit issues proactively
  • Reviewing the audit results and assessing the validity of the audit results
  • Seeking reimbursements from third parties, when appropriate
  • Discussing your options if you do not agree with the audit
  • Make suggestions to address your tax compliance issues



Sales tax is a complicated matter. Rules vary from state to state and some actions that comply with laws of one state may violate the laws of another.

Whether you are expanding into a new location or offering new products or services, there may be sales & use tax implications. We work with you to answer all of your state and local tax questions.

Common sales & use tax concerns include the correct manner in which to handle the state sales/use tax ramifications of:

  • Big dollar value purchases, such as construction
  • New or expanded product and service offerings
  • Entering new states
  • Areas of historical noncompliance


We offer self-paced classes in sales tax through our sister brand the Sales Tax Sisters.

Delivered via our Academy, classes are hosted by Mary and Stephanie and bring the know-how of Thomas Thomas & Thomas, PC to you when you need it.

Courses include:

  • Understanding your Texas Sales & Use Tax Return
  • Economic Nexus Explained
  • Physical Nexus Explained

We also deliver live training designed for general contractors and subcontractors who have questions about Texas sales & use tax.

These sessions are available on request in-house or via the schedule that you can find on our workshops page.

Why Us?

We LOVE this question. We are NOT everyone’s cup of tea.


40 Years of Experience

Together, we have more than 40 years experience as Certified Public Accountants, who focus on the application of sales & use tax rules.

Customized Expertise

We energetically empower people with knowledge and solutions, and customize our service to suit your needs.

We Deliver

When we work with you, we’re dedicated to you. We’re here to give you peace of mind that your business is compliant, and we’re available if you need us.

We may be a fit if you:

  • Value individualized service
  • Clearly communicate your needs
  • Value honesty
  • Want to learn
  • Are responsive
  • Are collaborative
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Read ALL memos and responses sent to you
  • Ask questions
  • Actively listen

We are NOT a fit if you:

  • Do not read ALL of the memos and responses sent to you
  • Are primarily price-driven (it is not our goal to be the cheapest)
  • Do not value individualized service
  • Do not actively listen
  • Are not interested in learning
  • Do not ask questions
  • Are not responsive
  • You do not clearly communicate information or your needs
  • Want a large firm



We are a small CPA firm. We like being a small, boutique firm.  It enables us to give our clients individualized attention.

The firm is comprised of two Texas certified public accountants and one attorney, licensed in the state of Texas.

Every client matter is handled by at least one professional, if not two, each with over 20 years of experience in state and local tax matters. We are proud to know each of our clients. We enjoy helping our clients understand their state tax responsibilities.

We like to do the work. We do not entertain drama. We do not hide the ball. If you want to learn and have fun doing it with people who have no agenda other than helping you, you may just be a good fit. We would love to work with you.

Meet Us

Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC focuses on sales and use tax for all industries, with an emphasis on construction, and oil and gas industries.  Our mission is to help you understand your sales & use tax compliance responsibilities in the simplest way possible. We tenaciously advocate for ourselves and everyone we serve.

The firm focuses on representing clients in sales tax audits, performing state tax research throughout the country (and abroad) and executing other tasks related to state and local tax.on education.  We also teach our clients the ins and outs of sales tax for their industry through our regular classes and consulting services.

The firm was founded in 1993 by our late mother Barbara J. Thomas, CPA, a former auditor with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.  In 2001, her daughters Mary and Stephanie (us) joined the company and formed Thomas, Thomas & Thomas, PC. One cool fact is our mom signed the CPA licenses for both of us while serving on the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Together we have over 40 years of experience as accountants whose focus is sales & use tax compliance. When you deal with Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC, you’ll be talking with one or both of us, and, together, we work to ensure you receive high quality, customized service.

Mary C. Thomas, Attorney-CPA

Mary Thomas is a certified public accountant and attorney whose experiences in both the accounting and legal fields bring added value to clients.

Mary joined Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC after working as a compliance auditor at an internationally known health institution and as an auditor at a Big Four accounting firm.

Mary’s specialty lies in breaking down complex problems to offer simple yet effective solutions that empower her clients and increase their understanding of sales & use tax and how it impacts their business.

She prides herself on working with people to ensure sales & use tax requirements are defined, understood and adhered to, so business owners can rest easy in the knowledge they have met their obligations.

Stephanie M. Thomas, CPA

Stephanie Thomas is a certified public accountant whose career focus has been exclusively on state and local tax issues.

Prior to joining Thomas, Thomas & Thomas PC, she worked in the area of tax compliance in the state taxation departments of several Fortune 500 oil and gas exploration companies.

Stephanie has extensive knowledge of state taxing authority policies, rules, and regulations. She works with state tax authorities on audit issues, prepares and presents tax credit documentation, and consults with clients on tax planning.

Stephanie is a passionate advocate for business, providing the knowledge and insight business operators need to efficiently and effectively meet their sales & use tax requirements.

What Others Say

I know that I can always count on Stephanie and Mary to provide professional, accurate, timely and efficient analysis of our company’s tax needs. Their knowledge and understanding of the tax laws and their willingness to go above and beyond are greatly appreciated.   Thanks for the great service!
Deborah Grassity at Innovex Downhole Solutions, Inc.

  Undergoing a sales tax audit can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. The first call with Stephanie Thomas put me completely at ease. Stephanie demonstrated subject matter expertise with a gift for communication.  With the help of Stephanie, I had a clear direction of how to approach the audit and received consistent follow up with tasks required from each of us. 

Edgar Sanchez at Modern Method Gunite, Inc.

Taxes always seemed daunting.  However, I was given the task of working with sales tax for a green field operation.  Shamefully, I dreaded the process and wasn’t looking forward to my ‘Intro to Sales Tax’ with Mary Thomas’ company.  As soon as I met Mary, I knew I had found not only a thorough and patient teacher, but an expert in her field. 

Stephanie Bryars at RavenChem

Opening up a small business is much more difficult than it appears on any Hallmark Channel movie. There are so many moving parts: payroll, insurance, rent, etc. For questions about sales tax, a friend recommended Mary Thomas. She answered all my questions...and repeated those answers in a very courteous and knowledgeable way. You will definitely feel more confident and empowered after making her part of your team.

Sam Malone at 512 New Media

Prior to our commencement of working in Texas we searched many firms looking for the right fit. The minute we started talking to Mary we knew we would have a lasting relationship. She knows her business. The methodical approach in teaching and explaining the rules governing sales and use tax is upbeat and comprehensible, especially for a firm doing business for the first time in Texas. 

Lori Potokor at Midway Enterprises, Inc.

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